Services Offered


Workplace Wellness


  • Evaluating and assessing workplace wellness programs and developing workplace wellness plans and programs.
  • Developing solutions to workplace problems before they arise. This usually involves employee interviews and questionnaires and working with the management team to create vehicles and processes to monitor workplace wellness

Workplace Interventions/Conflict Management


  • Conducting workplace assessments
  • Facilitating dialogue
  • Improving teamwork
  • Building better workplace relationships



  • Providing workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics including workplace wellness, communications, human resources and team building
  • Creating course material and programs for organizations
  • Individual, team and group coaching

 Strategic Planning/ Facilitation


  • Designing and implementing strategic plans
  • Facilitating team and group strategic planning sessions
  • Facilitating team and group problem-solving sessions
  • Facilitating working meetings, conferences etc.


  • Developing and implementing national campaigns and communications plans
  • Providing communication support and services to organizations
  • Researching and writing policy papers, speeches, media releases and backgrounders
  • Preparing presentations for conferences, seminars and government committees

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